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Sales assistant 2

description of job:

1) Under the leadership of the superior, complete the quantitative work requirements on a regular basis, and be able to independently handle and solve the tasks that are responsible.

2) Understand customer status and needs at any time, help channels collect customer information, and develop customer resources.

3) Develop and identify customers, establish and strengthen customer relationships.

4) Collect and understand market state information and competitor information.

5) Participate in product-related technology exhibitions and market-related activities.

job requirements:

1) Hardworking and motivated.

2) Have a team spirit, obey the company's arrangement, and have strong execution ability.

3) Strong communication and expression skills, good at learning, and constantly improve and improve themselves.

4) Fresh graduates who are diligent, motivated and eager to learn are welcome to join.


2. Technical engineer 2

description of job:

1) Responsible for the company's product analysis, design, research and development, drawing, interpretation of product design drawings and technical guidance.

2) Assist sales to resolve the optimization of pre-sales technical design, and be responsible for modifying and improving the problems raised by customers.

3) Assist sales to solve after-sales technical improvements and help customers solve existing problems.

4) Assist in purchasing and sales conversion drawings, and assist in purchasing to resolve technical issues.

5) Assist in patent application.

job requirements:

1) Proficient in using CAD, Proe, Solidworks drawing software, and proficient in one of them.

2) Strong execution, strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, strong communication and coordination ability.

3) Experience in drawing is preferred.


3. Network Operations Supervisor

description of job:

1) Develop website and WeChat promotion plan and be responsible for implementation.

2) Responsible for the management of the search bidding platform, familiar with the natural ranking rules of search engines.

3) The website and related products can be promoted independently through online promotion.

4) With teamwork, development and management capabilities, can complete website promotion tasks on time and on time.

job requirements:

1) Good at network operation promotion.

2) Good plan writing skills, proficient in office software, graphics, PS and other working software.

3) Strong learning ability, good oral expression ability, problem analysis ability, and ability to communicate with customers.

4) Passion for operation, sense of responsibility, strong communication skills, and teamwork spirit.