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Features of electric heater

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Features of electric heater

作者: 上海雄雷环保科技有限公司点击: Release Date: 2018-09-03 Author: Xiong Lei Shanghai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Views:

Features of electric heater

1. Save cost and long life. It can control the heating of the heater without the need for temperature feedback from temperature controllers such as special thermostats and thermocouples. The temperature adjustment is based on its own material characteristics. For the life of other heaters. Rapid temperature rise, automatic temperature control in case of fan failure, long service life

2. Safe, green and environmentally friendly, the design of the heater body can be heated in multiple grades below 200 degrees Celsius. Under no circumstances will the body turn red and have a protective insulation layer. In any application, asbestos and other thermal insulation materials are not required for cooling. Use with confidence that there is no problem of scalding or causing fire.

3. Save electricity. Compare electric heating tube and resistance wire heating products. It relies on the characteristics of the material and adjusts its own thermal power output according to the change of ambient temperature. Therefore, it can optimize the power consumption of the heater to be small, and at the same time have high heating efficiency The material also greatly improves the efficiency of electricity use.

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