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Characteristics of electric heating plate

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Characteristics of electric heating plate

Date of issue: 2018-09-03 Author: Shanghai xionglei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd Click:

Characteristics of electric heating plate

1. Cost saving and long service life. The heater can be heated without temperature feedback from temperature sensors such as special temperature controller and thermal resistance thermocouple. Its temperature regulation depends on its own material characteristics, so that the service life of this product is much longer than that of other heaters. It has the advantages of rapid temperature rising, automatic temperature control and long service life in case of fan failure

2. It is safe, green and environment-friendly. The design heating temperature of the heater body is below 200 ℃. In any case, the body does not turn red and has a protective isolation layer. In any application situation, it does not need asbestos and other thermal insulation materials for cooling treatment, so it can be used safely without scalding and fire problems.

3. Save electric energy. Comparing the electric heating tube and resistance wire heating products, it depends on the characteristics of the material itself and adjusts its own thermal power output according to the change of the ambient temperature. Therefore, it can optimize the electric energy consumption of the heater to a small extent, and the materials with high heating efficiency also greatly improve the utilization efficiency of electric energy.

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