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Cast copper electric heating plate-infinite charm

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Cast copper electric heating plate-infinite charm

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The characteristics of the cast copper electric heating plate are short-lived, good thermal insulation, strong mechanical function, corrosion resistance and anti-magnetic field. Explosion-proof marks for explosion-proof heaters are ExdⅡBT4ExDⅡBT6ExdeⅡCT6 and so on. The cast copper heater is a tubular electric heating element as a heating element. Its operating temperature is generally between 150 and 450 degrees Celsius. The cast aluminum electric heating plate can be widely used in plastic machinery, die heads, cable machinery, chemical industry, rubber, petroleum and other equipment. Ceramic electric heating plate is heated and not charged after being energized. It is widely used in light, heavy industry and domestic electric heating appliances.

Cast copper electric heating plate

Ceramic coated electric heaters can be made into various shapes such as round rod shape, plate shape, tube shape, arc surface shape and so on. The appearance and texture are like ordinary daily-use porcelain, ceramic electric heating ring but with electric heating wire buried inside. Because the ceramic material used has a good electrical insulation function at the operating temperature, the appearance is not charged, and the leakage current during the operation of the temperature-controlled heating plate is small. The safe and reliable use of cast aluminum and cast copper electric heating plates can be divided into die casting and cast casting. , Standard, large-scale places generally use casting technology. During the casting production, high-purity aluminum and copper blocks are selected, which are changed from solid to liquid by a high-temperature furnace, and then injected into a mold that has a heating tube installed. After cooling and forming, it is made by finishing.

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