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Reliability and life of electric heating ring

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Reliability and life of electric heating ring

Date of issue: 2019-05-11 Author: Click:

Electric heating ring For example, the reliability of the core made of metal mesh is poor because of the self filling problem and the sensitivity to the existence of non condensable gas. In contrast, axial channels Heating ring It's much more reliable. Reliability also includes predictability and reproducibility of performance. Multilayer network management core is poor in this respect. Its temperature difference has a great relationship with the tightness between the mesh layers, so it is difficult to ensure the consistency in technology. However, the performance of the core with sintering process (sintered powder, mesh, fiber, etc.) is better.

The life of electric heating ring mainly depends on the compatibility of the selected material and working fluid. It can be said that the compatibility is the key to ensure the heating ring can work for a long time, which must be paid great attention by the heating ring designers. In general, the leakage detection method is heating the inner ring carefully even if the number of rings is very small.

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