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Reliability and life of electric heating coil

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Reliability and life of electric heating coil

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The reliability of the electric heating coil has a great relationship with the type of the core. For example, the core of a metal pipe rolled into a network pipe as a trunk line has a poor self-filling problem and is very sensitive to the presence of non-condensable gas. In contrast, axial channel heating coils are much more reliable. Reliability also includes predictability and reproducibility of performance. Multilayer network dies are worse in this regard. Its temperature difference has a great relationship with the tightness between the mesh layers, and it is difficult to ensure consistency in the process. And the sintering process of the core (sintered powder, mesh, fiber, etc.), the performance reproducibility is better.

The life of the electric heating coil mainly depends on the compatibility of the selected material with the working medium. It can be said that compatibility is the key to ensure that the heating coil can work for a long time, and must be paid great attention by the designer of the heating coil. Another factor that affects the life of the heating coil is the amount of working fluid leakage. Because the amount of working fluid in the heating coil is generally small, even a tricky leak in a long period of time will cause the heating coil to fail. Welding performance, welding methods, and leak detection methods of wall materials must be carefully considered.

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