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Energy saving improvement of electric heating ring

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Energy saving improvement of electric heating ring

Date of issue: 2020-06-13 Author: Shanghai xionglei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd Click:

Electric heating ring Energy saving improvement results

 Electric heating ring

With China's economic reform, traditional industrial products are also undergoing various improvements, Heating ring From high energy consumption to energy saving, which will adapt to the international trend! Heating ring, as the auxiliary heating equipment of injection molding machine, generally accounts for more than 20% of the whole machine energy consumption. Since 2013, many scientific and technological enterprises in the market have invested in the research and development of energy-saving treatment of heating ring, and basically launched two major energy-saving heating ring factions: infrared energy-saving heating ring technology and electromagnetic energy-saving heating ring technology.  

The following is a brief introduction to the two technical schools

Electromagnetic energy-saving heating ring: the principle of electromagnetic heating is to generate alternating magnetic field through the components of electronic circuit board. When the iron containing container is placed on it, the surface of the container will cut the alternating magnetic line of force and generate alternating current (i.e. eddy current) at the metal part at the bottom of the container. The eddy current makes the iron atoms at the bottom of the container move irregularly at high speed, and the atoms collide and rub with each other to generate heat energy So as to heat the objects. Because of the iron container itself heating, all the heat conversion rate is particularly high, can reach 95%. The advanced technical principle ensures the energy-saving effect of electromagnetic heating mode. At present, the energy-saving transformation of electromagnetic heating ring is widely used in plastic injection molding machine, extruder, film blowing machine, wire drawing machine, plastic film, pipe, wire rod and other machinery, food processing, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, light industry, machinery, surface heat treatment and welding, boiler, boiling water boiler and other industries, which can be replaced Traditional energy.

Infrared energy-saving heating ring: new type infrared heating element is adopted, the electric heat conversion efficiency is up to 99.8%; the conduction mode of infrared unidirectional radiation is adopted, which greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency between the heating element and the barrel; the special aerogel for aerospace is used, and the thermal conductivity is as low as 0.013w/m.k, ensuring that Electric heating coil The third generation anti radiation surface coating can ensure that the surface temperature is as low as 50 ℃. Thus, the fatal defects of low heat transfer efficiency, low thermal efficiency and high surface temperature of traditional heating ring are improved. It can not only save energy by more than 30%, but also improve the working environment of the workshop.

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