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  • Do you know what types of ceramic heaters are available?
    Do you know the types of ceramic heaters ... As the weather turns cold, the demand for ceramic heating coil electric heaters is becoming more and more widespread. However, you may not have a comprehensive understanding of ceramic heaters. I will give a brief introduction today: 1. One is the molding of alloy wire, and the radiation-heating ceramics can be heated in a long distance. 2. The other is The alloy wire is wound in a small ceramic box, and the outer cover is made of a stainless steel shell. Widely used in plastic machinery, chemical fiber machinery. This type can only fit the heat conduction. 3. Ceramic fiber is a refractory insulation material. It does not generate heat itself, but instead provides heat insulation protection for heat, mainly through pre-buried (or post-processing ...


  • Defects in the pores (pinholes) of the heating coil
    Defects in the pores (pinholes) of the heating coil The defects in the pores (pinholes) of the heating coil are generally very small, often due to the formation of small holes in the surface of the heating coil due to the rupture of subcutaneous bubbles in the molten steel during the casting process. Steel slabs and continuous casting slabs have more air holes than rolled slabs. The presence of pores in the heating ring indicates that the gas content in the steel may be relatively high. After rolling, the heating ring with air holes (pinholes) will form small flying skins on the surface of the steel pipe. This kind of defect is easy to be confused with the small flying skin defect that causes "scratch" on the surface of the heating ring due to the aging of the perforated roll. Generally speaking, the aging perforated roller will hurt the surface of the heating ring during perforation and cause small flying skin on the capillary surface. This ...


  • Cast copper electric heating plate-infinite charm
    Cast copper electric heating plate-Charm infinite cast copper electric heating plate has the characteristics of short life, good insulation function, strong mechanical function, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic field and other advantages. Explosion-proof marks for explosion-proof heaters are ExdⅡBT4ExDⅡBT6ExdeⅡCT6 and so on. The cast copper heater is a tubular electric heating element as a heating element. Its operating temperature is generally between 150 and 450 degrees Celsius. The cast aluminum electric heating plate can be widely used in plastic machinery, die heads, cable machinery, chemical industry, rubber, petroleum and other equipment. Ceramic electric heating plate is heated and not charged after being energized. It is widely used in light, heavy industry and domestic electric heating appliances. Ceramic coated electric heater can be made into round rod shape ...


  • Electric heater with a contact heating plate
    An electric heater with a contact heating plate In one embodiment of the invention, an electric heater with a contact heating plate can be realized, on which a linear heating element is provided. At least one heating element is made of a material having a PTC effect. Made of, for example, an iron-based alloy. This alloy contains a cubic internal central crystal structure and has a PTC effect at the same time during all operating states of the heating body. In addition, this heating element has a temperature adjustment of its own for the heating function in order to avoid overheating, so that a separate temperature limiter with switching contacts can be saved. 1. An electric heater has a contact heating plate and at least one ...


  • Features of electric heater
    Characteristics of electric heating plate Save cost and long life. It can control the heating of the heater without the need for temperature feedback from temperature controllers such as special thermostats and thermocouples. The temperature adjustment is based on its own material characteristics. For the life of other heaters. Rapid temperature rise, automatic temperature control in case of fan failure, long service life Safe, green and environmentally friendly, the design of the heater body can be heated in multiple grades below 200 degrees Celsius. Under no circumstances will the body turn red and have a protective insulation layer. In any application, asbestos and other thermal insulation materials are not required for cooling. put...


  • Congratulations to Shanghai Xionglei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
    Congratulations to Shanghai Xionglei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd .... To meet the needs of the company's development, establish a good image of the company, and meet customers' understanding of the company's products and services through the Internet. On February 23, 2018, Shanghai Xionglei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is finally online, which indicates that Shanghai Xionglei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has taken a solid step forward in its informatization construction. The layout is fresh and crisp, the website structure is concise and clear, and the content is rich and informative. The website publishes the company's product information, investment information and talent recruitment information in detail; it clearly explains the company's corporate culture and new developments; the articles in the column will be continuously Add updates, stay tuned! Website Mutual ...


  • Matters needing attention when using electric heating tube
    Matters needing attention when using electric heating pipes Matters needing attention when using electric heating pipes : 1. Components are allowed to work under the following conditions: A. The relative humidity of the air is not more than 95%, and there is no explosive or corrosive gas. B. The working voltage should be no more than 1.1 times the rated value, and the enclosure should be effectively grounded. C. Insulation resistance ≥1MΩ Dielectric strength: 2KV / 1min. 2. The electric heating pipe should be well positioned and fixed. The effective heating area must be completely immersed in liquid or metal solids. Empty burning is strictly prohibited. When scale or carbon deposits are found on the surface of the pipe body, it should be cleaned and reused in time to avoid heat dissipation and shorten the service life. 3.Heating fusible metal or solid nitrate, alkali ...


  • Method for identifying the quality of electric heating tube
    How to distinguish the quality of electric heating tubes 1. How to distinguish the quality of stainless steel heating tubes: The quality of stainless steel depends mainly on the difference in nickel content. Nickel is a high-quality corrosion-resistant element. The perfect cooperation with chromium in stainless steel further consolidates the resistance. Corrosion performance and acid and alkali resistance, but to obtain a pure austenite structure, low-carbon nickel steel must have a nickel content of 24%, and only when the nickel content is 27% can the steel's corrosion resistance be significantly changed in some media. . Therefore, for the heating pipe, the corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance can be selected from 800, 840, 316L and other materials. The 800 stainless steel pipe contains 30% nickel and the 840 pipe contains 20 ...


  • Inventory of electric heating tube not heating
    Inventory the reasons why the electric heating tube does not heat. Occasionally, the customer will ask Xiong Lei Xiaobian electric heating tube well, how can it somehow not heat, today I will discuss this issue with you. First, the internal factors because the magnesium oxide powder in the electric heating tube will absorb moisture, plus the port of the heating tube is not completely sealed, so in a relatively humid air environment for a long time, moisture will enter the electric heating tube . At this time, the magnesium oxide powder, which functions as a heat conductor, is damp, so the electric heating tube will not generate heat. Situation analysis: A. Measure whether there is any resistance value, or it is broken. B. If there is still resistance value, then see if there is any leakage phenomenon, use megohmmeter ...


  • Method for improving safety factor of high-temperature electric heating pipe
    Method for improving safety factor of high-temperature electric heating pipe The resistance wire of high-temperature electric heating pipe is made of nickel and chromium alloy, and the temperature is as high as 800 ℃ or more. Because the power of high-temperature electric heating pipes is relatively large, if users ignore safety, fire may occur at any time. The causes of the high-temperature electric heating tube fires are as follows: First, the energized high-temperature electric heating tube is placed on or near flammable materials, which causes a fire under long-term high-temperature baking. The second is that the high-temperature electric heating pipe is not equipped with a plug, and the wire end is directly inserted into the socket, so it is easy to cause a short circuit and a fire. The third is that those who use high-temperature electric heating pipes do not unplug the high-temperature electric heating pipes when they leave, the time is too long, causing ...


  • Wiring method of heating tube
    Wiring method of heating tube Wiring method of heating tube: If it is a heating tube with a rated voltage of 220V, it must be connected to a 380V circuit, and a star connection method is required. If it is a heating tube with a rated voltage of 380V, it needs to be connected in a 380V circuit using a delta connection method. If it is a heating tube with a rated voltage of 380V, the star connection method is used, and the rated power of the heating tube cannot be reached. The actual power is (220 * 220) / (380 * 380). About one third of the original rated power. The heating of the electric heating pipe is mainly caused by the internal electric heating wire to generate heat through the current, and the wiring method determines the current and voltage ...