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  • [ Industry news ] What is the difference between ceramic electric heating ring and stainless steel mica electric heating ring?

    1、 Ceramic heating ring and stainless steel mica electric heating ring: 1. Ceramic heating ring is not made by ordinary mica wire bending method, but by ceramic strip threading method. Therefore, the power of the product is 0.5 ~ 1.5 times higher than that of ordinary one. 2. Stainless steel mica heating ring is made of high-quality nickel chromium alloy heating wire as heating body and natural mica as edge layer,
    Release time: March 1, 2019 number of hits: 330

  • [ Industry news ] What are the uses and working principles of the products of the electric heating circle factory?

    What are the uses and working principles of electric heating ring factory products? 1、 Quenching: quenching, tempering, diathermy; 2. Hot forming: whole piece quenching, partial quenching, hot upsetting, hot rolling; 3. Welding: brazing of various metals, partial or overall heat treatment of various alloys of various CNC blade blades, saw tooth shaped electric welding of cutting pieces, seamless steel pipe and copper pipe welding
    Release time: July 26, 2019 number of hits: 152

  • [ Industry news ] Resistance heating principle of electric heating coil factory

    The electric heating circle factory uses the Joule effect of electric flow to convert electromagnetic energy into energy to heat the material block. Heating ring factory is generally divided into immediate resistance wire heating and immediate resistance wire heating. The switching power supply working voltage of the two is applied to the heated object immediately. When the current flow is expired, the heated material block itself electric heater ironing machine will burn. The material that can be heated immediately by the resistance wire must be conductive
    Release time: August 10, 2019 number of hits: 283